PROMASZ is a company of 100% Polish capital. We are one of the few companies in the stone industry, which has found its place and recognition among other producers of stone processing machinery.

The company was founded in Piławia Dolna in 1990. It was then, when the owner of the company, Mr Wiesław Berezicki with present manager of the establishment, in a small workshop, have produced first equipment. The first machines produced by them were ‘dimension saws’. This type of machinery is very popular even nowadays (however, those contemporary models, hardy resemble its originals produced in 1990).

With every year the demand for polish made equipment increased, what made PROMASZ to increase employment and production. In 1999, the demand has exceeded physical production potential of company’s seat. PROMASZ was moved to Pieszyce (near Dzierżoniów) and is still there. Newly purchased workshop enabled company to expand production, however, it has soon turned out to be too small to meet the demand for company’s products. That is why, new workshop was built next to the old one. Currently, the company owns 2 construction office buildings and construction workshop, 3 assembly workshops and 5 latest generation CNC processing centers.  

Despite various clashes in the market, the development of company is stable and employment increases systematically. Currently, the company employs 70 people, and cooperates within the scope of mechanical control and instrumentation of machines with such renown companies like: Siemens, Sacardo, Vem, Danfoss, Schneider (Telemecanique), Bibus Menos, Bosch Rexroth, Siti, Festo, Bonfiglioli, Palmerio etc.


In order to meet requirements of our clients, our production offer is continually developed. It has become our principle to produce individually ordered machines. It is important for clients that our employees can advise them and help them chose best products meeting their needs.

In the years 2005-2007 the company got EU funds for the purchase of modern machines and technology. Due to this fact, PROMASZ develops better not only in the aspect of technological innovations but also in product quality. This enables us to sell our products world markets, inter alia, in countries like: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark, France, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, USA or Saudi Arabia.

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